Veteran Therapy in New Jersey

Honoring Service & Restoring Well-Being at Mindful Healing Mental Health Clinic

A Safe Haven for Veterans’ Healing

At Mindful Healing Mental Health Clinic, we honor the service of veterans by providing specialized therapy that addresses their unique mental health needs.

Understanding Veteran Therapy In New Jersey: Compassionate Care for Those Who Served

Veteran therapy is tailored to address the mental health challenges veterans may face as a result of their service. We will pair one of our experienced counselors or therapists with each veteran, to best suit their individual needs.

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Supporting Our Heroes: A Commitment to Well-Being

Mindful Healing acknowledges the sacrifices veterans have made and we aim to support their emotional and psychological well-being. Each technique we use is based on the specific needs for each veteran.


Our Approach to Veteran Therapy

Mindful Healing’s experienced therapists create a safe and welcoming environment where veterans can share their experiences. Anything you talk about will be strictly confidential, allowing you to cover topics as fully as you are comfortable doing. 


Resilience and Healing

Veterans are resilient, but sometimes they need support. Veteran therapy helps all branches of veterans heal from the invisible wounds of service.

Addressing PTSD and Trauma

Many veterans experience PTSD and trauma. Our therapists specialize in evidence-based treatments to address these challenges. Veterans often turn to substances to cope with their experiences. We make sure our therapy for veterans addresses underlying issues and provides strategies for recovery.


Cultivating Resilience

Veterans are equipped with valuable skills. Veteran therapy helps veterans harness their resilience to navigate challenges. Veterans may struggle with moral injury. Therapy provides a safe space to explore and heal from these complex emotions. Mindful Healing integrates holistic practices like mindfulness and restorative yoga to complement traditional therapy for veterans.


Navigating Transition to Civilian Life

Transitioning to civilian life can be challenging. Our therapy provides strategies to adapt and find purpose. Families play a crucial role in veterans’ lives. Thankfully, therapy offers support and communication tools for families and the veterans they love. Veterans often find comfort in connecting with peers who share similar experiences. Group therapy fosters these connections.


Let Mindful Healing Help Rediscover Your True Passions with Veterans Therapy

After service, veterans may grapple with their identity. Mindful Healing Mental Health Clinic supports veterans in rediscovering their sense of self. Contact Mindful Healing today, and we will take the time to match you up with a counselor that can help you rediscover who you are, set goals, and learn coping mechanisms that can help you readjust to living and loving your life.


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Who can benefit from veteran therapy?

Any veteran seeking support for mental health challenges or navigating post-service life can benefit.

Is veteran therapy only for combat veterans?

No, veteran therapy is for all veterans regardless of their specific roles or experiences.

Can veteran therapy address combat-related trauma?

Yes, veteran therapy offers specialized techniques to address combat-related trauma like PTSD.

Is therapy confidential for veterans?

Yes, therapy is confidential, and your privacy is a priority.

Can therapy help veterans with survivor's guilt?

Yes, therapy provides a safe space to address complex emotions like survivor’s guilt.

Are virtual therapy sessions available for veterans?

Yes, both in-person and virtual veteran therapy sessions are available for veterans’ convenience.

Can therapy assist veterans in re-establishing relationships?

Yes, therapy can provide strategies for improving communication and rebuilding relationships.

Is veteran therapy suitable for older veterans?

Absolutely, veteran therapy is tailored to the needs and experiences of all veterans.

What if I'm struggling with substance use?

Veteran therapy can address underlying issues contributing to substance use and provide support for recovery.

How can therapy help veterans regain a sense of purpose?

Therapists work with veterans to explore their values, strengths, and passions to find a renewed sense of purpose.

Are couples therapy sessions available for veteran couples?

Yes, couples therapy is available to address relationship challenges for veteran couples.

Is therapy covered by insurance for veterans?

Many insurance plans cover veteran therapy. We can assist you in verifying your coverage.

How can I get started with veteran therapy at Mindful Healing?

Contact Mindful Healing to discuss your needs and take the first step toward healing your battle scars.

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